It was Travis' Birthday on Sunday so we celebrated all weekend (He hates his birthday so i didn't even get through one verse of happy birthday)

Friday night dinner an Mi Ranchito

One of his presents was a trip to petco where he got a fish and a little tiny frog

Birthday breakfast on sunday, recipe here.

His other gift from me was a rubix cube, which he spent most of sunday trying to remember how to solve

Birthday dessert: thin mint truffles. They turned out so pretty!! Recipe here

His mom made all of his favorites for sunday dinner: BBQ chicken, asparagus, artichoke, oriental salad, etc. He also opened presents from his grandparents and his parents. He got a gag gift of a box of olives, which is great, we love olives. haha He also got a new iPod, which he is really excited about! 

From me he also has another surprise date coming in 2 weeks :) 

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