I have a love hate relationship with working from home. I like being able to sleep in and start work in my bed..... but I also get bored, lonely, and claustrophobic in our tiny apartment all by myself for 8-10 hours a day.

With that said I was doing pretty menial tasks(waiting for lots of stuff to download, organizing folders, etc) for work so I simultaneously watched way too much hgtv. I probably watched 6 episodes of Property Virgins. I thought it was fascinating. I feel like people were trying to get away from their spouse in their new house. The participants kept saying stuff like we need bigger, we don't want to be getting in each others way. haha I don't know I just kept thinking do you even like your spouse? One couple even broke up through the stressful process of buying a house. yikes.

I also was really active and ran 3 miles and did an hour of yoga. I am going to hurt tomorrow. I finally made it through the entire DVD (as in finally did all of the poses and sequences without stopping or cheating). I am so happy that Travis does these things with me :) he is so supportive.

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