Work. work. work.

Right now its all I think about, I guess that happens when you have 3 jobs. I can't wait until I have one and I can leave work at work (let's be real i'll still think about it all the time). But I am excited to have my hobbies again. I am excited to read books in less than a month maybe even a week again.

At the same time, I am excited about where I am right now. I love the crazy, always have. Today I went to school, finished a homework assignment, went to work, came home, worked more, ate dinner that my amazing husband prepared (chicken tacos with freshly made guacamole, yum!)

Then we watched a little transformers. My bestie adrienne came over to watch a little Grey's Anotomy. We apparently only really hang out for tv shows. haha we are gonna try hiking soon. We need to, we always talk for at least an hour after we watch shows and we both get behind on stuff. We usually check the time and are like AH how'd that happen??

Now I am cozily curling up with a book while my husband is off playing soccer. His games are super late sometimes. I don't like to try falling asleep without him, but he won't be in bed till around 1am. ugh. At least I am reading a physical book :)

Here are some delightful pics of my office, in case you were wondering what it looks like (it's very well decorated..)

Apple computers for dayssss

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