Fridays are my finish up everything I didn't do the rest of the week day.

I had a meeting with my research group, worked on a section for the grant for my job, did some homework, responded to a million emails, etc.

Then Travis and I came home, he left at 4:30 to go skiing with his childhood best friend, Bryson. I didn't really have any plans. I decided to go off the grid from work for like 5 hours and just do some stuff I wanted to. BEST IDEA EVER. I basically never stop doing or thinking about work these days.

I started out watching Twilight, don't judge, it happened. I made myself some delicious chicken and rice complete with salad and a red pepper with hummus. I also watched 500 days of Summer. Then I decided I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to figure out some way to fill up the empty space above our bed. I thought that getting a T and a J to put there could be cute. I got to hobby lobby at 7:40 not knowing they close at 8. Whoops. So I had to make decisions fast. I decided on big black letters. I could have got much cheaper wood ones and painted them, but decided I liked the convenience factor. I also got some command strips to put them up. This is how it turned out:

I LOVE IT. After the creativity. I cleaned the house and did the dishes. Then I addressed my graduation announcements. Then I commenced reading, The Rational Optimist. It's making me a big fan of GM foods, and despised those that lobbied against them. haha still got a lot of pages to go. I haven't read a physical book in a while tho so its exciting :)

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