Saturdays are my favorite, plus its my dad's birthday so... awesome day.

Travis went and played pick up ball in the morning at the church and I did some yoga and got ready while he was gone. After a delicious lunch of turkey avocado panini's we hung out, talked and giggled, just being super lazy for about an hour :)

Then we started our busy awesome day. We ran to target to return something, buy my dad's b-ay present (we are celebrating tomorrow) and got candy for the movie. We decided to try the new white chocolate cad berry eggs. Pretty good, but milk chocolate will always be my fav.

Then we headed to the temple. I love walking through the beautiful rooms of the temple. Timpanogos is so pretty.

After the temple we headed to the traverse mountain outlets to exchange some things. Travis got two beautiful new ties. and I bought a present for a cute little girl who is turning 1 years old soon :) We ran into Travis' aunt at the outlets which was super random because they live in Idaho Falls. haha They had some time to kill before a flight. It was pretty funny.

We drove home to change out of our sunday gear and then rushed to meet up with Travis' brother and sister-in-law for a double date to outback steakhouse (I had babyback ribs, YUMMM) and to the movie divergent. After dinner we had about an hour until the movie so me and Brittany decided to go to the mall and the boys went off by themselves. I bought a new pair of jeans ($7.80) from forever 21. I love their jeans. Wear them almost everyday. It was fun to chat and catch up with Brittany too!

I thought Divergent was awesome!!! They did change a few things from the book, but not things that made me mad. I read the book like 3 years ago tho so it could have been more blatant than I remember. I thought the actors they chose did a surprisingly good job too. It was action packed and very entertaining! I highly recommend it!

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