It was a pretty Lazy hang out with my husband day. One of my faves for sure.

I worked on and off from 9-1. Then I took a short bike ride around the neighborhood. It got to 67 degrees today! I started making lunch at 1:45 (travis suggested we have a picnic due to the nice weather). He got home and helped me take everything outside.

It was such a nice picnic. We just laid in the sun for like 20 minutes after we ate. Then we headed to the Provo Rec center!! That place is awesome guys. We did weights/machines for about an hour and then explored the pools. They have 2 slides, a pool rock wall, a huge diving platform, and tons of other fun stuff. We think we definitely want to get passes after schools out, when we will hopefully have more time and motivation to use them.

Travis had to head back to class from 5-7. I worked and took a lovely bike ride to the grocery store where I picked up some things for dinner and bought myself some flowers. Why not right? Dinner was super easy and WAY delicious today. I made french dip sandwiches in the crock pot. 2 ingredients people. Recipe here. 

We finally caught up on How I met you mother. I am gonna cry next week. Last episode ever??? tear.

It was a lovely day.

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