Okay where else does it go from 70 degrees one day to snowing the next.

Utah is crazy.

Utah weather is the worst.

Some days you just need to take the morning off and read blogs for hours... Heh. right? Well thats what I did with my morning. I also planned fantasy trips to mexico and Puerto Rico. I need to travel somewhere right now. To be fair I'd be working until 8 pm cuz Travis has class till then. I felt justified. haha

I also decided I wanted to bike to the cherry lane boutique to get out of the house for a bit. BIG MISTAKE. As I left it started sprinkling... I thought about turning around, but being my stubborn self I was like... NO! so I kept going and the consequence was riding back home in the freezing rain. Bleh. What a metaphor of life tho. Stubborn pushing through the rain. haha

I did come home and gobble up some hot chocolate. YUM. good news is we still have a lot left.

I finally started working after this delicious sugar jolt. I got a lot done too, which is good. We submit the grant i've been working on in a week. YIKES. scary.

I made slow cooker honey chicken for dinner. It wasn't my favorite, but Travis Loved it. I wanted to watch a movie and Travis said I could pick! I chose The Vow, much to his dismay. HE was a champ, I even think he liked it a little. I teared up like 15 times during the movie. Marriage has made me even more of a crier. I put myself in a situation like that and I can't help it.

Also, my husband is the best. like the best. We were eating cookie dough ice cream out of the container during the movie. This particular brand is really weird. It has a ton of dark chocolate chips (which I hate). Travis spoon fed me all the cookie dough he could find. What a martyr, what an example of true love :) hehe

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