Well today I went to School. Finished some homework. Headed to work... and stayed there till 6.

At least there was Chipotle for Lunch!

Also while I was at work, I sent a hilarious group text to my family (inside joke, you wouldn't get it) and my mom accidentally let out a secret that was supposed to be kept from my sister. Kates has wanted to see Wicked for like 10 years and they are finally coming back to utah this summer. My mom didn't realize it was a group text till after the fact. HILARIOUS. I was dying laughing. I had to leave the room.

Travis had his first internship interview today, at his first pick too! The great thing is that he only had one competitor. I really hope he gets it. He has been really stressed about getting an internship, and I have not been helping with that. My selfish self keeps planning trips and telling him I wish we could book them but can't cuz we don't know his plans for summer. Fingers crossed!

I came home to a adorable husband cooking one of our faves, taco soup. We have two tipper wheres full of leftovers. TACO SOUP FOREVER.

Then I watched Grey's with Adrienne. Which was kind of a waste of our lives we decided. The plot didn't move at all. haha Oh well we had time to chat after and that's my favorite part of our TV show nights.

I am getting so excited for summer. The tease of 70 degree weather on Tuesday made it that much stronger. I am excited for:

1. Graduating (hopefully)
2. My full time job, and my crazy awesome flexible schedule
3. Reading more books
4. Having hobbies again
5. Hiking, bike riding and running outside whenever I want
6. Vacations with family
7. The pool and beach!!!!
8. All the fun and possibilities provided by summer :)

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