Travis cracks me up. Last night his exact words to me were, "This weekend will be extremely busy with homework." He finished his homework by 2:30 and has one paper to do tomorrow. I don't think he knows what a busy homework weekend is. But to be fair he is extremely efficient and always gets his homework done during the week on campus. To him it really was a busy homework weekend. haha

We decided to go out to dinner. We were supposed to go to the aquarium, but apparently it closes at 6pm even on opening weekend. So we changed our plans. We went shoots, this asain restaurant in the river woods. To be honest we mostly chose it because I won a Facebook contest for a free half dozen macaroons earlier this week and wanted to pick them up. They are in the same shopping center, so it seemed logical.

Shoots was delicious and we got this super cool appetizer thing that has fire in it. OHHH oohhhhh ohh.

Macarons were delicious. We got: peppermint, almond, salted caramel, chocolate ganache, and raspberry lemon. YUM. We then came home and watched Travis to win it all march madness team get defeated. Sad day. I was mostly working on my computer next to him the whole time and looked up when he wanted to show me something cool.

I decided I wanted to run in the morning so I pressured megan with a little macaron incentive. She caved... okay she was pretty okay with the idea from the get go. there wasn't that much convincing. But I have to get up at 8 tomorrow (:/) and travis just started the pursuit of happyness. Hello being tired tomorrow!

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