Today was CRAZY! I got up at 8 and ran with Megan till 9. Mostly we walked and talked but there was some running mixed in there too. Travis and I got up, I made some eggs with avocado (I am obsessed with avocado, don't get me started, in fact every meal I had today had avocado in it... haha)

Travis went to ward basketball and I did some yoga/tv watching. Then we crazy cleaned the apartment when he got back because his nieces were coming over to hang out with us for a bit while his brother looked for a suit. We helped them eat lunch and watched Frozen. Lunch was quite the challenge. Ashlyn 3 didn't want to eat chicken and Janelle 1 didn't want to try apples. I am pretty stern when it comes to food, especially healthy food, and they ate more than we expected. Janelle even liked the apples once I convinced her to try them

After we went and picked up my cousin Bryce and his fiancé Melissa. Actually Melissa and I have been friends since last winter so we will say my friend melissa. haha we went to the aquarium. FINALLY. Travis and I have been wanting to go since summer but decided it would be better if we waited to go to the new building. It was.

The aquarium is AMAZING. So many cool exhibits and animals. A lot of the exhibits are still under construction, but because we went the first week our ticket allows us to go back again for free before september.

After that we got some Betos and Travis worked on his paper and went to his soccer game while I worked and wrote my talk for sacrament tomorrow. Pretty exciting night I know! hahaha

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