I think I hit the jackpot today. Like seriously.

Haha it all started 5 weeks ago when I was asked to give a 15-20 min talk in church. Yeah they gave me 5 weeks notice. Yikes. Luckily I pretty much forgot about it the week before.

So anyways I wrote my talk saturday night, and my fate was sealed.

I love public speaking, but for some reason talks in church make me so anxious/nervous.

So when I walked in and the 2nd counselor came down to let me know my talk would need to be shortened because we were getting a new bishopric I was more than willing. Then I went up to the stand to sit. The 1st counselor came to tell me that not only would I need to shorter my talk, but that I should not make it any longer than 5 mins.


I told the most compelling story from my talk and bore my testimony. haha As much as I don't like actually giving talks. It was good to prepare one. sadly I am not the best at just straight studying the gospel and talks always make me think deeper about topics and my beliefs.

We had sunday dinner with Travis family and played this really fun game called stone hedge. SO FUN!

I can't figure out how to flip this, but its so funny. I was reading a book about population growth and it mention that EVEN mormon families have gotten smaller. hahahaha

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