Sunday I did absolutely nothing because I got sick. again. Today was a little more exciting. I went in to work at ORCA and got a lot of work done. We had indian food for lunch and watched some cool Ted talks. I left work feeling happy and accomplished :)  I came home and Travis made a delicious dinner. I promised him that we could go out for Ice cream after. I love how well we are doing with eating vegetables. This meal had about 8 different veggies.It was a Pf Changs Frezzer meal that you cook on a skillet, super easy.

I developed a pretty nasty cough by the end of the day and was worried that Ice cream would make it worse, but Travis looked heart broken when I mentioned that so we went to coldstone anyways and used some gift cards we got from our wedding. It was delicious, but I coughed all night :( We then watched half of The Book Thief at home.


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