Well I was completely useless today (Travis thought that was a funny way of putting it) but its how I feel. I was so tired from coughing and not sleeping last night that I just could not get myself to do hard tasks.

I watched the oscars, the bachelor, and Grey's Anatomy. Normally I wouldn't consider this a big deal but I have a test and 2 big work assignments due on Thursday. UGH. Why is being sick a thing? I should be grateful that I am lucky enough to have only been sick two weeks out of the year, but should and what I am are two completely different things. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my act together.

We finished the Book Thief tonight and it was incredible. I cried like a baby. After reading the book I felt so close to these characters. The movie changed a lot of little things from the book, and I am sure Travis was getting annoyed that I had to point out every single one, but it didn't make me like the movie less. I am amazed at the amount of suffering some people in this life have to go through. I know Liesel is a fictional character, but I know there are a ton of stories like her own.

I just read in the Deseret News today about a women whose husband was murdered by his lovers husband. Not only did his wife find out that day that her husband had been murdered, but she also found out he had been having an affair with someone she knew, one of his co-workers. She has 5 kids with the youngest being 6 weeks old. I don't know how people manage to get through the hard things they do. But I am inspired by them.

I am grateful that people willingly tell their stories of suffering because it inspires me. I am grateful for people like Elizabeth Smart who tell their story, move on, and become a voice for change. I get to see her at BYU tomorrow night and I could't be more excited, she is an incredible person who went through a horrible trial. Because of these amazing sharers I know that when my time comes I can get through anything this life throws at me. I hope that whenever that time comes I can draw strength from others to help get me through it.

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  1. Ive been wanting to see that!! Thanks for the post!