Other than being sick (yup still a thing) today was a pretty good day.

All morning I sat on the couch feeling like I couldn't move or think.  So naturally I watched some TV. I decided to take some ibuprofin for my headache and resumed said TV watching until it took effect. To my suprise my husband walked in during the middle of one of my shows. I was slightly ashamed that I was still in Pj's at noon, but then I was just like ugh whatever. He worked on homework and I finally got to work on a big work project, which I miraculously finished.

Travis had to leave again around 3:30 and I continued to work until I went to get my sister from orem at 4:45. We headed to BYU to meet up with my friend Amanda at the cougareat. Then we got in a huge line to listen to Elizabeth Smart. Since I just finished her book I was really excited. We waited in line for an hour before we were seated, then another how before the presentation started.

Suprisngly Elizabeth was not a very dynamic speaker. She recounted the story of what happened to her and then spent a couple of minutes talking about moving on. I was a little bummed that all she did was summarize her book, since I had already read it. I am still incredibly amazed by her and what she has overcome.

Then I went home and studied for my test that's tomorrow :/ (we also studied for a bit in line). and went to bed. It was my ultimate goal to not cough a lot when I went to sleep, because I have been keeping Travis up all night the past couple nights. I didn't sleep very good, but I think he finally did! Hopefully this nasty cough goes away soon!

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