It wasn't quite the productive day that I wanted, but I am feeling better, just a little weak and my mind is a little cloudy.

We did get quite a bit done today, it just wasn't the stuff I had really wanted to get done, which was work related.

We slept in a little, and cleaned a lot. I decluttered the house while Travis was at the church playing pick up basketball with our ward. I thought he deserved a little time off cleaning since he has been cooking and cleaning all week as I have pretty much been out of commission. When he got back Travis cleaned out the fridge which I really appreciated cuz I was dreading it. I cleaned the bathroom and reorganized our pantry, it was a mess.

We got to go on a walk, it was beautiful outside! Travis' parents came to our apartment to watch the BYU game. I didn't want to watch the game/didn't want to expose them to my illness so I stayed in our room and switched off between hazy napping and making our wedding day album on shutterfly which I ordered :) Then Travis parents took us to dinner at Brick oven.

We came home and watched the social network (Travis was on his mission when it came out so hadn't seen it yet). Then Travis left for a soccer game and I amused myself on the internet reading articles and looking up funny things.

Some of my favs of the night


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