Ever heard of The Brave Life Project? Yeah I hadn't either

Okay well have you at least heard of Keds? Okay good.

So Keds started this project, called the Brave Life Project. Basically they are encouraging young women go for their career dreams and Be Brave. Cool right?

Since I follow Keds on Facebook, I saw their application, the prize was $1000 to use to further career goals. I saw it and thought, hey this is cool, might as well apply. Since it was a national campaign I applied, and forgot about it. I mean who ever wins stuff like this? Not me. haha

I got an email last week detailing that I was one of the 50 girls to win. I was shocked. SHOCKED. Really excited but shocked! The brave life project will feature my story on their webpage sometime in the next couple weeks. Finally I will be famous ;) not really. haha

The coolest part is that I get $1000 dollars to do the two things outlined in my application which were:

1. Half of the money to put towards a project I am working on with some of my classmates. It's called Move Well, its an app, and its gonna be cool (social impact cool). With some money we have won through other grants and competitions we have enough money now to hire a programmer to create the beta version as well as conduct a mini trial to find out if our incentive idea actually works.

2. Half of the money to fund me attending some kind of grant writing class, conference, or workshop. Anyone have any ideas? A lot of my job with the project/ my current job has to do with grant writing. I am not the most confident writer and really want to get better and more confident. I am thinking about attending one of these conferences somewhere cool. DC? New York? Where should I go?

It feels pretty cool to get recognized by a national program!!! Excited to see where this can take me!

I also love that Taylor Swift is the poster child for this campaign. I won something endorsed by her. COOL.

How will you be brave this year?

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