We are getting so antsy waiting to hear back on internships for Travis. We just want to know so we can move on you know?? On the plus side, he got another interview!!!

I worked all day. Its submission week so it is probly gonna be a little crazy.

When I came home I had more work to do, I did that while Travis made the most delicious pizza ever. Marinara ranch, and bbq chicken. SO good. He also made artichoke

On sunday a member of our new bishopric talked about how he had run 600 miles in the last year. He made me want to run more, and want to count all of my miles as well, so from now on I will be adding up my miles. Also now that it is getting warmer, I am going to try to get some form of physical activity everyday :)

In other news... How I met your mother is OVER. FOREVER. I was not very happy with the ending. but the hour long episode was still enjoyable and emotional.

I found out today about another exciting opportunity I may be participating in starting this summer. Its not set in stone yet, but its with a organization I love!!!

I've found a grant writing workshop I want to attend, my work is going to pay for the tuition and my grant should pay for my Travel. I AM STOKED!!! I am looking into a bunch of different areas. The highest on the list are Texas (to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins), Florida, Seattle (visit another aunt and uncle), Vegas (cheap travel), St. George (cheap travel, visit family), and Washington DC. Where should I go??

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