Today was a BLAST! Well it didn't start out that way. I went into my lab at 9 am to work on a project for my last class!! My friend Amanda and I worked together and pretty much realized we had learned nothing in this class. We finally figured out with the help of two pros who had already taken the class (from a different teacher I may add) how to input simple data. Which means I'm probably gonna have to change my whole project because the data set I have is so complicated!

Anyways at noon we had a graduation banquet which was a lot of fun! Good food, good friends, and my husband came too! After that we ventured to the graduate studies office to get our sweet tooth fait cookie since it was National Graduate Student Appreciation Week (what?) went to the Bijou market. The bijou market is put on by a store on center street in orem and brings together around 50 vendors that all handmade their stuff. It was a lot of fun! I bought two bows for my hair and a fun little gift for my favorite baby :)

After the market Travis and I came home and I totally zonked out. I fell asleep for like an hour and a half and was SOOO grumpy when I woke up. Yikes. It took us like an hour to decide where to eat and what to do. We finally decided to head to Zupas, play some soccer, and watch House M.D. I worked whilst watching. I have SO MUCH DUE BEFORE GRADUATION. Why do I do this to myself? ugh.

To do in the next 2-3 weeks

Finish Systematic Review
Finish GIS Project
Take GIS Final
Present MPH Project findings at UPHA conference
Send first draft of MPH project paper to committee chair
Get trained as a Shine Rep
Submit two more grants for work

After that it'll be smooth sailing right?

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