I Hate April fools. Not only do I forget every year and due to my gullibility I believe a bunch of things that aren't true. Also I never think of a prank that is funny enough to pull on someone.

Travis and I were looking at our exercise clothes the other day and realized that most of them were 5+ years old (I had a pair of sweats going on 8 years), totally gross, and typically given to us for free (you know we have only one use for all those free t-shirts). We decided it was time to get some big kid work out clothes. We are really excited about eating, and living a healthy lifestyle and this just makes it more fun, right? right!

After asking the advice of some intelligent friends, I decided to head over to Ross, Old navy, and tjmaxx. Ross was a bust, that place is always hit or miss. But I got some cute purple shorts from Old Navy (had to show the cashier the sign so that my shorts were $12 instead of $16), and a pair of long yoga pants, a long sleeved shirt and two short sleeved ones. They are all so soft and stretchy and I just love them. Plus tjmaxx prices so who can complain there?

I am planning on taking a class or two spring semester to fulfill my two credit requirement for graduation. I am thinking Zumba and Pilates. Then probably in June we are going to get Rec center passes since we loved it so much last week when we checked it out for the first time. Plus I can run outside and bike ride. Summer is delightful. Too bad spring decided to get up and leave from here. Ugh Utah. 45 degrees is not spring!

So Travis didn't get the internship we wanted so badly. and unfortunately it wasn't even the company who told him, he asked the other kid and he said they had called him and offered him the job, how lame is that? The company said they would let them know either way, but apparently not. Travis is handling the disappointment like a champ. Already has another interview lined up for this Thursday!

I was a organization nazi today. I spent an hour and a half organizing our pantry, medicine cabinet, and next up the closet. I am dominating these jobs. haha

On another note, I just want to go to Europe. My friend Martha showed me this airline that has incredible europe flight deals. I mean $600 for a roundtrip ticket?? what is that. is that even legal??

Today: 1 mile
This year: 1 mile

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