Just when you think your plate will be a little lighter... you get called into the relief society presidency. Gah. When Travis got a text from the new second counselor we thought for sure he was getting a calling (cuz he doesn't have one) or we were getting a calling together. Nope, for the second time in this ward the calling was extended to me.

I am excited to be in a position where I will be out of my comfort zone and will be required to meet new people and make new friends, but I am also terrified. The next few months were going to be hard enough without having a calling that takes up a couple hours a week. Travis says the Lord knows how much work I can do, and so he is probably just trying to stretch me even further. Maybe.

I am nervous about the next two months. I am nervous that I can't handle as much as I have taken on. I wish my MPH project was just done, but it's not. I think I can handle everything, but I am gonna be more stressed than I would like.

On the other hand I have been feeling lately like I have been in a rut spiritually. I haven't felt close to the savior. I know this calling will bring me closer to him as I have to rely on him more and understand the love and compassion he has for the women in my ward.

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