I am still a little high on our amazing day yesterday.

Even though it was pretty boring day filled with a conference, and review. It was GREAT!

We started off our first reading day by sleeping in (well sort of I keep waking up around 8am for no reason, but I did lay in bed late). Travis then made me a delicious breakfast.

I rode my bike all over Provo today, I can't wait to do this all the way until winter sets in again (not thinking about it, not thinking about it). I also went running with Megan which is always a good idea.

I also booked a work trip to Texas. Might as well do my grant writing training close to some family I have never gone to visit! I am so excited to go to Texas for the first time! Plus I don't even have to take work off. This summer is shaping out to be AWESOME!

May- St. George and Cancun
June- Real life graduation, no trips... YET!
July- Carrie Underwood at Stadium of fire, Idaho for a reunion, Texas, and Wicked
August- My birthday, Utah Family reunion
September- No school. I'm done with that...what??? Just Orca and the Shine Project for me! :)

Now its time to study since I have been putting it off all day. It's hard to be motivated when I could technically not even take the final and still pass the class.

Miles today:3
Miles this year:10

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