Today was so fun!

After work I read while Travis napped. He finished his finals today so he was obviously exhausted! Can't believe we are both done! 

It was such a nice day that I told him I wanted o go on a hike or something. He countered with Tennis against his parents. I accepted. Haha we beat them 6-4. Wapow! actually its not that exciting, we haven't lost to them yet. We ran some laps and they bought us smoothies. So nice. 

We came home, watched some house and then read for a while. I finished my book, finally, The Rational Optimist. SOOO GOOD. I love the last sentance of the book. 

This book discusses the inherent pessimism that manages to sweep through basically every century. He talks about how the pessimists predictions are rarely ever correct, and yet they are praised. He talks about how optimists tend to get made fun of, but how they are usually right, and obviously happier people. He shows why we should rationally be optimistic based on how prosperity has evolved all around the world. Loved it. 

Miles today:1
Miles this year:11

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