Today was a work day in Sandy. I got a ton done. I was working ferociously the entire time. The goal is to get everything done tomorrow by 5pm. Yikes. Friday is a Orca Ski day but not sure if I'll be able to go due to this grant. 

I headed to the track to run with my megan right after work. We ran 3 miles without even blinking an eye. Megan didn't even notice we had run that far. I loved wearing my new exercise clothes. SO COMFY!!! 

I made spaghetti, asparagus, smoothies, and we also had grapes and raspberries. Then we watched the movie Paranoia, it was pretty good, you should watch it, on netflix. 

Tonight in the darkness after we turned the tv off travis said hey you look like a vampire in the moonlight! So that turned into a discussion about if I were a vampire, naturally. He was like, "well you don't age (which lets be real I still look exactly the same as I did 8 years ago so maybe I am a vampire) so you are going to have to change me, I don't want to be old if you are young." my response was "Okay Bella!" haha he got a shocked look on his face and while laughing said "wow I don't think there is anything else I would rather have not heard."

miles today: 3
Miles this year: 4

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