Today was a bid day, I picked up my graduation robes. They are so wizardy. Like seriously, I am going to be a wizard. haha but its pretty crazy, I can't believe its almost here! how did two years go so fast? Time does crazy things when you are having the best times of your life!!! 

On another exciting note, I found a mouse in our house today. It raced across the living room floor and I let out a scream. Later, Travis and I tried to trap it. It did not work, the mouse outsmarted our crafty blockades. 

I went shopping twice during the day. Hah. I bought two super cute patterned shirts, 2 white undershirts, a dress for graduation and a fun floppy sun hat! It was so fun. Now I just need unlimited money to update the rest of my wardrobe. 

Travis and I also attended the MPH closing social. So fun to see all all the first and second years as well as some professors. 

The best part? I barely worked at all. not the plan, but I had no motivation, good thing Mexico is almost here, I need a real break (no access to technology will do me some good)

Miles today:3
Miles this year:14

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