I blogged a little early last night and didn't get to talk about my new niece Ashlyn's Frozen birthday party!

It was a blast hanging out with Travis' family and getting to celebrate this sweet girls 4th birthday. She was so enthusiastic the entire night. And our gift of a furreal friends horse was a huge hit (it makes noises and walks all by itself). She even had her new frozen elsa and Auna dolls ridding it.

I love Ashlyn's happy enthusiasm. Especially since some of it is towards me. She always greets me with a huge smile and a running, "JESSSIIIICCCAAAAAA" its the best.

Today has been really crazy. I woke up at 8:30 and started doing some work that I had neglected due to graduation celebrations. I feel like I got a lot done. I left at 11:30 to grab a quick lunch and help my friends set up for Aimee's baby shower. We talked for hours about the horrors of pregnancy and birth. Lets just say it made me want to put off the baby thing even longer. haha

After catching up with wonderful friends I headed over to my house to meet my families new puppy (no name chosen at this time).

Afterwards I babysat some cute girls in Sandy. The younger one was being a little terrorist (Travis' word for any child that is rambunctious and wreaks havoc) and stayed up in bed for over 2 hours talking, screaming, and crying to herself.

It was a long day, but good :)

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