So it turns out we went a little crazy with the shopping in the last few weeks. To be fair I did get a lot of money for graduation, so thats a good excuse right? How long do you think I can stretch that excuse for? haha I am thinking till my birthday and then I'll have a new excuse to buy stuff.

Wow I sound materialistic.

Anyways. We have been going through our clothes and stuff the last couple weeks to get rid of the things we don't need and don't wear. Turns out we had 3 trash bags full of clothes to take to D.I. and 3 more bags of stuff to try and sell at plato's closet. So I felt somewhat justified in buying some new clothes. Also Travis needed some business casual stuff for his new internship.

Things bought

For him-
1 pair of new red shorts
1 grey swimsuit
5 amazing dress shirts
2 pairs of dress pants
1 pair of black sandals
Soccer Shorts
Soccer Socks

For her-
1 pair of red skinny jeans
5 fabulous shirts
1 floppy hat
1 pair of black sunglasses
1 white tulle skirt
1 teal swimsuit
1 striped graduation dress
1 pair of super cute black sandals
1 pair of pointy black flats
1 white and gold watch
2 down east undershirts
White swimsuit bottoms
Way too much jewelry from The Shine Project
Soccer shorts

For us-
4 mason jar mugs
cute pink and blue paper straws
2 beach towels
6 books

We also got like 70% off everything we bought at JC Penny yesterday because my brother-in-law was allowed to give a friends and family discount for working at corporate. It was awesome!

And just to be clear, we are not going into debt for these purchases!

Some of the recent purchases:

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