Today was exhausting for basically no reason.

I got up and headed to my beginning soccer class. I am stoked about this class. I am falling in love with soccer. Who ever saw that coming? definitely only my husband. My family has always been soccer haters. We didn't play today so we got out early.

I went to my lab and worked on my thesis draft.

Next I headed to my dentist appointment. I actually enjoyed chatting with my dental hygienist. Then she pretty much wouldn't let me leave without promising to floss everyday.... i hate flossing.

I came home and finished my draft! yay! I sent it out to 3 reviewers.

Then Travis and I ate delicious taco soup for dinner. One of my favorite recipes I have discovered. We make it every other week.

Then we took a trip to Barnes and noble to spend a gift card on some books we could take on our trip. Our purchases included the third book in the maze runner series, the fault in our stars, and the unabridged Les Miserables (Summer goal).

We also had some things to exchange at Sports Authority. We ended up with a pair of soccer shorts for me and Travis and some soccer socks. (don't worry I added all of these things to yesterdays purchase list)

Then I finished off the day with some Grey's Anatomy while travis watched basketball.

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