Today was one of those days where the days goes by in a blur because everything is so busy and there is so much to do. At one point I wanted to scream. Most stressful day I have had in a long time. gah.

The day started with Travis heading off to his second internship interview (which went great by the way). and me pulling myself out of bed to start work. I knew it was gonna be crazy because yesterday we moved our final deadline up a day so that we could attend the Orca Ski Day with the rest of our coworkers. Lets be honest if the 3 of us weren't there it'd be like half the company ;)

I worked from 9-4 basically non-stop there was a little down time where I cleaned and made some lunch for me and Trav. Then my friend Michelle came over to look at my clothes I set aside to give away and I took a break from the crazy. Unfortunately my email was blowing up and I had to get back to work. I worked again until 6 when we had to leave for a party at wingers for my sister-in-laws birthday.

The party was fun and delicious. We got to see our nieces, who are always adorable. Ashlyn was going a little crazy at dinner (to be fair we were there almost 2 hours). Travis took her up to the malls quarter operated toys and got in on the fun.

Then we went to tjmaxx (I am loving that place more and more) to get Travis in on the grown up, professional athletic wear. We got him four new shirts, which means I can get rid of all his grungy free t-shirts YES!

Then we came home and I worked again till 11. I have to get up at 7:30 tomorrow for skiing (It better be worth it.

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