It's a great day when your work takes you skiing. Not only that but you are getting paid to do it (I guess that makes me a professional skier), and get free lunch. Seriously could I have hit a bigger jackpot in the way of jobs? I think not.

For some reason I have been waking up before 8 for no reason the past 3 days. Not okay.

Anyways skiing was a blast. I mean who can complain? It was a beautiful day, sunny and not icey. Plus I got some pretty cool pics. Also, I did a black diamond, it was really short, one hill but... counting it!

Once I got to the office after skiing everything went CRAZY. UGH. this grant is never going to end.

Luckily I to home and my husbands words to me were, you are stressed? tell me all about it. He gets it. He listened and hugged me and said he knew I would figure it out. mmmm best. We watched the movie, Midnight in paris and went to the chocolate for dessert. Cazookies are a bit of heaven on earth.

We just got home and my husband is eating a pickle and cooking an artichoke. Yeah he's weird, but I love it! 

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