Today was a wonderful conference Sunday! I loved listening to the talks. Can't say which is my favorite since I need to read or watch a bunch from saturday and the half hour I slept through of the sunday afternoon session. I loved watching conference with my husband and family. There were a lot of talks that reminded me of eternal perspective and what does and doesn't matter. Most of what I worry about does not matter.

We ate a plethora of delicious foods prepared by my mother. Cinnamon rolls, fresh cut fruit, egg/potato/sausage casserole, yum!!!

After the last session we dropped my sister-in-laws present at my in-laws house and headed over to my grandparents for much needed extended family time. I got to met my cousins 2-3month old Nora. Oh my is she the littlest cutest thing ever!!! We chatted and joked and caught up on each others lives. I am pretty sure I have the best extended family in the world.

Travis and I came home and finished Frozen, which we have started, but not finished about 4 times. haha It was a really relaxing day. I am excited for the week ahead :)

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