So I scare Travis on accident all the time. Apparently I make no noise when I walk, especially on our tile. It's funny and sad at the same time. haha

Today I headed up to the Health department to get some direction on a project for my GIS class that I am doing with the tobacco program. As I rolled up all of the feelings from my first day of excitement and hope of working there came flooding back. Then the feelings of frustration of the last couple months came on. It's amazing how much emotion one place can bring. I loved my time at the health department and loved my supervisors, but I am so happy that I will not be working there after I graduate.

Then I headed down to Orca, my happy place. The environment is so fun, positive, ambitious, and progressive. I love it. I wonder how I will feel in a year. Hopefully the same way.

After work I headed to my house because Travis and I forgot our laundry there yesterday. Woes of not have a washer and dryer. Don't judge us for doing it at our parents, pay judge away, I would. haha

Then I went on a hunt for some pretty flowers for a friend who needed them. It took me like a half hour to decide. hahaha I'm pathetic.

I came home and was antsy. I told Travis that I would help him with the laundry and then I needed to go ride my bike for a bit before we left for his soccer game. He smiled at me and said i'll put away the laundry you go ride your bike. Yeah my life has gotten way better since we got married.

After the soccer game we got some Chinese and watched NCAA championship.

Also, Travis and I have been married 100 days! :)

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