The most exciting part of the day was heading to scoreboard sports and buying myself some soccer gear. We are really excited to be on a coed team this summer with my cousin. We decided it would be a good idea to start my training so that I am not an embarrassing teammate when the time comes.

I got the cutest, and really comfortable white/purple cleats, grey socks, and white shin guards. We also brought a brand new fancy soccer ball to practice with. 

After we headed home to change and walked over to the park next to our house. Luckily there were huge soccer goals already set up! 

Travis taught me how to dribble, kick, pass, etc. It was really fun, it was cool having him teach me something. We practiced for about an hour and a half and boy am I sore. My body does not know how to do sports with mostly my legs. I am excited to keep practicing, especially if it stays in the 70's the next few weeks :) 

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