Today wasn't very picture worthy, which is okay.

I got up at 7:30, travis woke me up all night and finally my body apparently just gave up. I worked on some stuff until I got ready and headed to the mall to buy some lovely bridal shower gifts, and to take another peek into Thai Pan Trading (I love that store). Too bad I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy and was mostly just overwhelmed. Then I moved onto gifts and it took me like an hour and 4 trips up and down the mall to decide. Sometimes I need to not overanalyze how much people will like my gifts. Whatever.

I came home, ate some lunch and started in on my analysis of my MPH project. Whew. I am about halfway done. I need to crank the rest out by monday since I am giving a presentation on this stuff at a conference on Tuesday. Talk about cutting it close. I took a short bike ride in the middle of the day and went back to analyzing. It was actually pretty fascinating when I was paying attention. I am excited to share my results with the world (seeing as this project has almost taken up a year of my life.

After work I headed over to my friend megans where we ran/walked 3 miles around Provo talking about life. These are the good times. Travis cooked a delicious dinner and then we discovered all 8 seasons of house were added to netflix. I watched most of the seasons in high school/freshman year of college but Travis hasn't seen more than the spattering that randomly came on tv when he happened to be bored. Welp I guess we won't be socializing anytime soon :)

Miles today: 3
Miles this year: 7

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