Oh. MY. GOSH!!!

Today was insane.

But amazing.

It started out with Travis getting a call at 8:45. When I heard him answering the phone I was like hmmm.... that's weird who calls this early in the morning. I had the faint hope it was Activis, but not much. Activis had told him they would let him know by the end of last week if he got it. Since we didn't hear anything we had our moment of sadness and that was it. So imagine our surprise when he was offered an internship!! HALELUJIAH!!! We are so excited! He will also be working with one of his best friends.


Next I headed to class and worked on my last paper of my graduate degree! Due at 5. Turned in a 4:55. Yeah grad school has just taught me how to be a better procrastinator.

I then went to the Utah Public Health Association Conference and worked on my paper until my own presentation. I was surprisingly extremely calm, maybe it was because I was more concerned about finishing my paper. WE also got to hear a lunch speech from a 3 time olympian freestyle skier. She was cool!

After I picked Travis up from school we started planning a vacation!!!!!!!! AH! I am so excited! we are going to cancun, and we are going to swim with Dolphins! How cool is that?? ah. so ready to relax on the beach. mmmm.

Its been quite the day!

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