Graduation day

Well it happened, I walked across that stage when my name was read and shook a bunch of peoples hands and got my shiny new and empty diploma holder!

This weekend (Thursday/Friday) has been awesome. Thursday we had commencement! The highlight was walking with my fellow cohort ions to the Marriott center and having president Uchtdorf wave to me and Amanda. We were giddy about this. haha

The rest of commencement was pretty boring, and then there was the my phone deciding to not communicate with my husbands. GAh. we worked it out though and headed over to Tucanos to celebrate with my family. DELICIOUS. I love me some meat and grilled pineapple.

Afterwards travis and I cuddled up in our bed and read until it was time for bed (Travis is really getting into the Maze Runner, he even made me drive today cuz he was on the last few chapters and wanted to finish, so proud of his new found love :))I had to get up at 6am to get ready the next morning. EW.

This morning I got up and ready with little effort, which was amazing and we headed to the Marriott center. I was seated in the front row with my buddies. It was fun walking across the stage and cheering for them and my other friends also graduating!!

We took loads of pictures after with friends, cohort ions and family. Then Travis parents took us out to Zupas. When we got home we were exhausted and proceeded to take 2 hour naps. Whoops!

I loved celebrating the last two years in the MPH program with graduation with my fellow cohortions. I have grown so much in the past two years. I can't even believe it has only been two years. These people are some of the closest friends I have now. In the past 2 years I travelled to Washington D.C, Boston, San Diego, Idaho Falls, Las Vegas, Disneyland and Lake Tahoe (I think thats all but its possible I missed something big). 

I have also worked a bunch of amazing jobs: 3 different jobs for the department of health science, an internship with the state health department, and more recently jobs with Orca health and the Shine Project. 

I've learned so much about who I am and who I want to be. I also got to marry the man of my dreams :) He is the biggest supporter of everything I want to do, and I love it. its been an incredible journey these last two years. 


  1. Congrats on graduation! I loved mine/was scared to death of what was next. Sounds like you have had some awesome jobs/internships though!

    1. Yeah I have been very fortunate! I love my current job so much!!! It's not what I originally thought I would go into, but its exactly where I want to be!