Things I want

I have gotten obsessed with fashion bloggers lately and shopping for spring/summer wardrobe in general lately. Here are some things at the top of my wants list right now. Unfortunately a lot of these are online so due to my fear of online shopping, most will not be purchased. Someone want to teach me how to effectively shop online to not have to send things back?

Downeast $16.49 with 40% off discount
I really should just buy thing one since I love it.

I never thought I was a kimono person but this is just CUTE

Tilly's $29.99, Unfortunately they don't have my size $32.95, I just don't feel like I can spend over 30 for a T-shirt, but I love!!! $29.99, I love this but they are sold out!!!!

This necklace is on its way to me :), $26
I love the jewelry from the shine project. All my new jewelry will be coming from there!!

I have gone through all of my clothes in the last couple of weeks and have totally gotten rid of everything I do  not wear on a regular basis. My closet and drawers look a little empty, I am ready to fill it all up again :) I think I am off to a good start!

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