Today I worked on my thesis all day basically. Good news is that my committee chair thinks I will be ready to defend in 2 weeks :D I have to finish up a few things but will be done with my paper by next Friday! wohoo!!! 

Me and amanda worked in the lab all day, which was fun, its way better to have a friend in the dungeon. haha We headed to lunch once we had sent off our drafts. We went to a yummy Mexican restaurant and caught up since we haven't seen each other in weeks!!! 

It was actually really nice to be able to focus more on my MPH project this week. I don't know how I would have gotten everything done with all of my other job responsibilities. Blessings in disguise right?

At night Travis and I had plans to play tennis with my parents, but my dad had a last minute meeting scheduled for his bishopric responsibilities, so they had to forfeit. We decided to make dinner and then walk around provo and grab some gelato at Glorias Little Italy. YUMMM. Walking around at night and not being cold was AMAZING!!! gosh I love hanging out with my husband. I miss him now that he is at work all day. 

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