Today was an incredibly fun and active saturday. It started off with Travis heading to ward basketball at 10 and coming home 5 minutes later because there was an event at the church. We decided to play soccer at the park next to our house (we decided we need a park next to our house from now on). On our way we ran into Travis' basketball buddies playing tennis and they asked us to play. We beat them 6-2, 6-0 haha next we played soccer for about half an hour. 

We came home, watched some house, made some lunch and just relaxed. 

Then I left with adrienne to hike up battle creek falls in PG. took us a while to find it, but it was worth it. so beautiful!!! 

After hiking I came home and quickly got ready to go to Salt Lake with megan for some city creek window shopping, blue lemon dinner, and a wedding open house! 

Found this elephant in Anthropologie. I decided if I ever have money coming out my ears, that is where I would spend it all. haha Also look at my cute tulle skirt!!! I felt like a ballerina all day. 

New menu item for blue lemon, steak tacos, oh my gosh I'm obsessed!!!

Ended the night seeing these beauties, blissfully married! 

Also Travis said something super funny, and I made a mental note to write about it and I CANT REMEMBER. Couldn't have been that funny then right? eh. haha

Miles today: 3
Miles this year: 30

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