Sundays are just busy.

I woke up around 8 for no reason, again. Then magically fell asleep till 10:30! wohoo!!! progress.

We made a batch of delicious eggs filled with cheese and red pepper. The went to church around 1.

In relief society we hd a really good lesson on the power of scripture study (which I personally and Travis and I together tend to suck at). We decided we need to try studying together in the morning. I Am going to start studying by myself topically, I've never done that so I thought it might be cool. We also had an awesome lesson in the teacher improvement sunday school. The teacher said, "some teachers think that they should entertain and try to compete with other forms of entertainment, don't do this, those other forms will always win out, that isn't the unique thing about the gospel." that really struck me. sometimes I think I treat studying that way, I start to think well id rather read blogs or a novel or exercise or watch TV. Of course, those things are designed to be strictly entertaining, studying the gospel is meant to lift you up, change your perspective, and bring you closer to your heavenly father. Here's to trying to be better!!!

After church I went home teaching with Travis, and then met up with my visiting teaching companion and set up appointments. Then we raced to my parents house for sunday dinner. My siblings were mad we were late. haha

We had lasagna, and it was delicious. After helping my mom take everything from the kitchen to the basement (the renovation is starting on Thursday) we walked over to Travis' parents and took our nieces on a walk and to see the puppy. Oh my gosh Ashlyn (3) was so funny she would act al confident but when we let the dog out she would FREAK (should have taken a picture). then we'd put it away and she beg we let it out again. hahaha

All in all it was a relaxing day. This week will be pretty crazy, we are staying at my parents to watch the kids while they are on vacation, I am mostly not excited about the dog.....

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