So many things today. goodness.

I am taking over for my mom while she is on vacation and man is it hard.

I drove back and forth from provo twice, picked up my sister and 4 friends from school, took her to young women's, Travis took trevor to scouts, and soon will be on my way to pick them up again. Can I just say I am not excited for this stage in life, being in the car and chauffeuring?? Maybe I just won't do it. Bikes and Busses all the way haha

Also I hate my families dog. Don't get me wrong he is freakin adorable. But he makes me so sad. He is cooped up all day and I just can't have that. My family has already lost a lot of the interest in him that they had 3 weeks ago. Hopefull with summer it will be easier for trev to keep him outside playing all day. But man animals are a pain. So glad my husband is allergic so we will never have one.

I turned in the my Thesis today. One step closer. I may have to make a few changes, but its so close to being done. Hallelujiah. Cant imagine what life will be like when that stress is gone. I also did some work and cooked dinner. After the long day I remembered that the best place in my parents house is the yard. Relaxing and reading is my happy place, hello good friend, its been awhile.

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