So there were a lot of great things I was supposed to get done today that didn't happen... Whoops

I guess that is what happens when you are acting mom. I had to take Kates to school today because she had finals and a late start (travis has been taking her all week because they need to leave at roughly the same time). I headed to soccer where we played lightening and in the second round I was in the final 4. Oh my I was exhausted after, so much running.

Then I headed back to my apartment and did some 8 minute abs (ouch) and made a delicious turkey wrap. I forgot Kates was getting out early due to finals, but I headed over and picked her up. There wasn't much we could do at my parents house because contractors were there tearing out the kitchen. We decided to lay out a blanket in the backyard and read. I finished the 3rd maze runner book today!

Afterwords I decided to take the kids out for a little treat (mostly I wanted to try the sweet pig). I love Art City Donuts way too much!!!

I headed home and started making dinner, Travis helped me a lot once he got home and we ate our Asian chicken bowls while watching House.

Also, Travis started making up origonal songs and was serenading me all night. He just gets in moods where he wants rhyme and you can't stop it. Haha it's kind of hilarious.

Review of I'm Trying here:  A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Misadventure

Taylor has a very captivating writing style. This book hilariously details his twenties and the love, heartbreak, and struggles that often accompany this time of life. If you want a light, funny, and exciting read, this is your book. I finished it in less than 2 hours because I couldn't put it down! Also, have a dictionary nearby, because you will most likely be learning some new words along the way! Buy it on Amazon for only $2.99!!

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