Why did I even write about this day, boring alert

Today was pretty chill. My only real obligation was at 2 for visiting teaching and dinner with my hubby at olive garden after.

I lounged around in the morning. and then ran three miles with megan in the afternoon. I was so sore after a whole week of intense soccer class and biking. It felt so good to run, plus its fun with friends.

Then I headed to visiting teaching at 2. We visited a really nice lady in our ward who has the cutest 5 year old isn son. He spent like 20 minutes explaining two of his super cool video games. It was definitely the highlight of VT. haha

After VT I went home and worked for a couple hours before my babe got home. We headed to Olive garden and stuffed our faces. We were going to watch the sunset at this awesome park that we love, but decided it was a little chilly and we just wanted to chill. So we ended up watching a movie, vampire academy (surprisingly travis' choice, I swear) then some house!

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