A soccer party with a little babysitting mixed in

Today started with a little service. They passed around a sheet in relief society to help clean a ladies house in our ward, and since I haven't done something like that in months I signed up. I got there and stayed for an hour, I was the only one who showed up, I felt so bad. But I cleaned windows and moved some heavy things before I had to leave, hopefully I helped.

After I came back, quickly showered, made some guacamole and we were off to a futbol party for one of Travis' soccer teams. The party was held at a families house who I have babysat for for around 8 years so it was fun to see their kids, unfortunately they don't call me very often seeing as their oldest is like 14 now. While the boys watched spain play soccer, I read the Fault in Our Stars (review tomorrow).

After the game we took a little nap and then I headed up to Sandy to babysit these cute girls!!!

I am so excited for memorial day! I get my baby an extra day :)

Miles this week: 7
Miles this year: 37

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