Just my luck

This weekend was so much fun!

Sunday was a pretty standard, I made breakfast and travis did the mountain of dishes in the sink. We went to church and afterwords I went home teaching with Travis. On the way back to my house we found a dice on the ground, Travis was like "Okay I am going to kick it, if you guess right when I kick it I'll give you a kiss." I called out 3! and that was the number. SO LUCKY, you better believe I got my kiss.

Then we headed over to his parents house for dinner. There were a lot people visiting so it was quite the party. We ate outside, it was so beautiful!! Then me and my sister in law just talked on the deck for two and a half hours. Our husbands were so confused they kept checking on us. haha It's like they didn't know girls could talk for that long. haha

Monday we slept in and I went on a run. Then we deep cleaned our entire house, its been a while! Afterwords we headed to JCPenny to get a couple of shirts for Travis, he'd been complaining about not having enough. He also got sunglasses. He picked out this super hipster denim short sleeved shirts with sailboats on it. LOVE. I can never predict what that boy is gonna like.

Then we went to lunch with my family at Apollo Burger (My families version of a BBQ). Next we went to the grocery store, glamorous day for sure. At 4:30 we had a BBQ at my cousins Bryce and his new wifey Melissa's house. I was not prepared for how much fun it was going to be! I think Travis had a good time too, he cooked us steaks on the grill.

Then we went to the new X-men movie, and finished the day off with the bachellorette (which was kind of a boring episode).

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