Dinner and The Chocolates

First off, I won a blog giveaway!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??? I thought for sure i'd never win one of these, even though I enter them all the time, but I did! $25 dollar gift card! woot! 

I applied for a job today that I am actually really excited about, hopefully I get an interview, fingers crossed. 

Mostly I spent the day refining my thesis. I'll be so excited when I will be done in about a week! :) 

I made a delicious dinner, avocado basil pasta, super easy, you should try it! Then Travis and I watched some House before heading over to The Chocolate, our favorite dessert place on the planet. I was commenting about how much I love that they always have fresh flowers, so travis stole one and gave it to me. haha 

The night ended with a basketball game for him and more working on my thesis for me, fun stuff people! 

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