Criticism, procrastination, and workoholochism

Two things I have realized tonight:

I take criticism of my work and work ethic personally. I sat in a room with two supervisors at work as they thrashed a report I had tirelessly worked on and thought was pretty much finished. I almost teared up when they were done. I quickly got over it and remembered they were just trying to make my report better. But this happens a lot. I get emotional when my work gets attacked. Working on it.

Second, I have two settings- Procrastinator and work-a-holic. Still havent got over being a college student I guess. I need to work on it.

Today I turned in my laptop. So. Sad.

I hung out with my mom for a little while cuz I needed to pick up a fan (we just found out our apartment has no AC... yay. She kept making sad crying faces when I said I needed to go. haha oh mom.

My moms canvas' came in the mail. ah PRETTY.

 I made this deliciousness for dinner tonight. A little more difficult than most recipes I attempt, since the sauce was from scratch, but totally worth it :) Skillet cheesy ritoni, recipe here.

I will be working ALL WEEKEND to get my report to a place to defend it on Tuesday. Wish me luck, i'll need it.

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