Fun date nights

Isn't this place beautiful??We decided it was time for a little date night at the temple since we haven't been in a while. I love this place so much. As per tradition, we ate at Fong's the night before. Seriously best chinese food ever. I get this thing called the bento combo which come with a choice of meat, noodles, pot stickers, and sushi (I substitute cream cheese wontons tho). YUM!!! 

After the temple (time just flies in there, I thought we had been there for like an hour and when we got out it had almost been 2 hours!!! we went to artcitydonuts, unfortunately the line was RIDICULOUS. like worst line i've seen since Disneyland. haha so we decided to get an Iceberg shake instead. We got vanilla ice cream with caramel and snickers, super tasty combo. 

Afterwords we came home and it was my turn to pick the movie. I looked up a list of 50 best chick flicks and found Water for Elephants which I totally remembered everyone saying how good the movie was, can't believe it came out in 2011 and I still hadn't seen it. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE. There are a couple racy parts but the story is precious and the costumes and everything are amazing. I just wanted to go to the circus in the 1930's!! 

Also, remember how I won a blog giveaway?? this is what I got with it, so excited!!! :) 

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