Lessons learned on our trip to mexico

Mexico has been a blast. We relaxed, some books, exercised, spent time at the beach, swam with dolphins, ate great food, and enjoyed our time alone together without the normal distractions of the world. This was the first time we planned a trip by ourselves and travelled to another country. I have definitely learned a few things from this trip.

1. Never rent a car in a place that has a reliable bus system. We could have saved almost $500 by not renting a car. The insurance on a rented car in Mexico is RIDICULOUS.

2. Make sure you ask about taxes and fees before you do something. A lot of our expenses increased because we didn't know about hidden taxes and fees (ex. our credit card charges a exchange fee on every purchase).

3. Research good restaraunts  in the area before you go on your trip.

4. Only do tours that you have researched and have good reviews. We did a catamaran snorkeling tour and got super ripped off. The tour was not what it said on the pamphlet, and they did not give us transportation back to our hotel, which meant we walked and had to ask someone for money for the bus (not a highlight of the trip).

5. Learn spanish. It wasn't my favorite having to ask travis every 5 seconds, so what did he say? what were you guys talking about? hmmm? I need to learn another language

With that said, Cancun is absolutely beautiful and we have had a lot of fun. Our hotel is incredible, and the stretch of beach it is on was GORGEOUS. We basically shared the beach with no more than 5 people each time we went out. MMM. Enjoy these pictures:

Yeah it was paradise

Mile count this week: 5
Mile count this year: 23

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  1. Jess I could have told you not to rent a car. We used the collectivo while we were there and it is so cheap. I'm sorry! You should have asked me ;) what were you thinking lol. Glad you still had fun though