Mexico FAIL

So we had this awesome guy named Hector come talk to us on the beach on our first day. He gave us a pamphlet for a catamaran snorkeling tour and told us to call him if we were interested. The pamphlet looked awesome. It was a full day snorkel trip with 3 stops (one being an under water museum) AC transportation back and forth from our hotel, and lunch at a private beach club.

We signed up and were looking forward to friday.

Turns out it wasn't what we expected. Our first tip should have been that we were picked up and taken on the bus over to the place. Then we had to get in a huge line and pay $25 more than expected for tips and fees. (Story of our cancun trip)

We let it go cuz we still had an awesome day ahead of us. We got on our catamaran and laid out until we hit our first stop, the first snorkel. We had life jackets tied around our waist so we couldn't swim down to see anything, but the tropical fish we amazing and we had fun.

Next our boat stopped at Isla Mujeras, one of the more famous touristy areas. I was a little confused, it didn't seem that great to me, and extremely run down. But we went over to the beach and walked around the island a bit. Once we got back on we headed to the private beach club for lunch.

The beach this little club was on was actually pretty incredible. The prettiest beach of the whole trip. lunch was alright and we just hung out.

Once we got back on the catamaran and realized the time (and how drunk everyone was, there was an open bar) the rest of the snorkeling wasn't going to happen. We headed back to cancun and I was visibly sad/angry.

To make matters worse, when we got back, there was no transportation to take us back. We didn't bring any cash because we assumed we had rides there and back. I started to cry because it was a 6+mile walk back to the hotel.

Travis decided to ask for the bus fare from some super sweet Mexican ladies on our trek back. I think they were just confused why a white tourist was asking for money. The bus fare for both of us was only 20 pesos (which is like  $1.50. I was so glad once we got back to our hotel.

Kind of ruined our day getting ripped off, but it was sure an adventure.

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