Sometimes you just need a lemonade party with your friends

Today I woke up at 7, we wake up early these days.

I decided I wanted to ride my bike everywhere today. Good choice. I rode my bike to and from soccer class, to my relief society presidency meeting, to and from my health systems research meeting at BYU etc.

We also finally caught the mouse that has been plaguing me for three weeks. I noticed it on the trap when I went into the living room. AND I FREAKED OUT. I knew I needed to get the trap and throw it away. AHHH. I ended up getting tongs to grab the trap and threw it into a plastic bag and ran and dumped it into the dumpster. I screamed a couple of times... even though the mouse was dead. TERRIFYING.

Today was exactly what I needed.

One of my best friends Xan is in town, visiting from Georgia, where she is in nursing school (boooo move back). We decided we would have an adorable lemonade party to celebrate. It was so fun, relaxing, and picture worthy. I plan on having these weekly from now on so if you want an invite let me know :)

These friends of mine are the greatest. After our party and talking for a couple hours, we went and visited my mom and the new puppy, cuz xan is obsessed with dogs. Then we went shopping where I finally bought some white pants (aeorpostle $26.48) I am super exited to wear them! Then we went to dinner at ZUPAS. Who doesn't love this place, it never gets old for me. 

I also rode my bike everywhere today, which was so fun. I rode to BYU for my soccer class, back to my relief society presidents house for a meeting, back to BYU for a work meeting, Back to home for this party. I LOVE MY BIKE. and I love feeling healthy. Its nice having an exercise class in the morning I am forced to go to every morning (seriously if I miss more than one more time I can't graduate, so forced). 

Around 8 I came home to my honey. We accidentally fell asleep at 9. whoops. We are getting up too early these days. 

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